Забронируйте лимузин легко и быстро. Задайте вопрос. Заполните форму ниже и мы свяжемся с вами как можно скорее. Вы можете найти информации о контактах в меню Контакты. Перед тем как заказать, обязательно прочитайте условия заказа и часто задаваемые вопросы!

The booking can be regarded as final if the advance of the rental fee was paid.
Account Number: 10918001-00000056-96840008
Please complete your full name and at least 1 contact information in the notice box.


In case of cancellation the booking the advance in non-refundable because we cannot accept other booking on this date.

By completing the booking I accept the Terms and Conditions.

Limousine rental conditions:

In some cases, it might happen, due to the dimensions of the limo, that it is not possible to reach the destination. Our driver will phone the client to fix a new meeting point. Certainly, we strive to arrive as closest as possible to the original plan.

The driver has the right to call heavily drunken passengers to exit the car, and immediately stop the trip!

The customer is fully liable for the damages that may incur inside the limousine! Please keep the limo tidy, if the interior of the limousine requires extra cleanup after the ride, the full amount of the cleanup fee, which is 30 000 HUF, will be charged to the customer.
Smoking is forbidden in the limo.

Our limousine picks you up at the place you specified. During the rental you are free to choose the route. You can delegate this to the driver, or you can propose your preferred route. However, it is important that the car can be driven only in accordance with the rules of highway code. You cannot ask the driver to break it! This is especially important when the passengers getting in and getting out (Please, consider the driver’s instructions!). Our drivers in suit will open the door to you at each stop.

ATTENTION! By ordering the limousine service, at the same time you accept that audio recordings and pictures will be taken which will be published on the service provider’s website (www.viplimuzin.hu), as well as on media partners’ websites and further will be used for marketing purposes. Each participant who appears on the recordings and pictures can only be named after receiving permission, but may not claim against producer of the recordings or the service provider. In case of objection, please contact us and upon request the pictures and the videos will be deleted.

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