Wedding anniversary

The (Wedding) anniversary can be a hot topic, especially if someone forgets about it. But, we have an idea how to make this day special in your relationship. Consider renting a limo and impress your love on an unforgettable date. We guarantee a special Lincoln Town Car limousine, which was used by many of the American presidents, and so you will enjoy the experience! This limo is an elegant model and provides maximum comfort. If you choose us, the experience will be unique: during the luxury drive you can listen to your favourite music, relax on fluffy seats, enjoy wide variety of the minibar and sip delicious drinks in the back of the limousine. It is not a problem if your family wants to join and celebrate with you, our limo can accommodate 9 passengers comfortably.

Family and children programme

Traveling in a limousine can be a great experience for adults, and for kids it is a magical experience to have a real limo adventure. 8+1 passengers can fit in our limo, and so the whole family can enjoy the luxury ride including kids, parents and even grandparents. Celebrate your birthday in the limo, we will pimp up our car with balloons, and create party mood with favourite kids’ music and drinks.  Your limousine ride program can be a sightseeing tour or if you like we can take you to the zoo. Our drivers are happy to answer kids’ questions, so they can learn everything about the Lincoln Town Car model. For example, did you know that this model served several American presidents?

Christenings and confirmations

Christening and confirmation are not just important religious occasions, but they are family gatherings as well, which bring together relatives and friends. If you wish to make these events more special, then you can choose our elegant Lincoln Town Car model with 9 seats for the special day. Our limo is uniquely comfortable and spacious, so it provides a cozy feeling to travel with your baby. You can enjoy our mini bar and you can toast to your baby’s or the confirmed child’s health. You can combine the program with a sightseeing tour in the city or with a picnic.


School prom and graduation are important milestones for every teenager. These events mark an end of an era and the beginning of a new one in our lives, and it is a major turning point in becoming an adult.  If you would like to make these events remarkable, choose our elegant limousine. It will be a special experience when at the end of day a fancy limousine arrives to the school and your kid and his/her mates or your family members can jump in and start celebrating. Everything is available in the limo to have a wonderful time: music, minibar, fluffy seats ensure that everything goes perfect! Prom and graduation parties will be a great experience with our 8.6 m long Lincoln Town model that has been already used by several American presidents.